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Latitude and Longitude: 43.79N, 9.16E
Depth: 1300m
Oceanographic Region: Ligurian Sea (Western basin), Mediterranean

News: The surface buoy is sending all data in near real-time. The subsurface mooring was successfully recovered in June 2010 and will be redeployed in 2011. On 28th October 2010, the CNR-ISSIA team successfully deployed both the pCO2 (ProOceanus PSI-PRO) and Nitrate (Envirotech MicroLAB) sensors under the surface buoy (see enhancements listed below)

Description of the Site: One of the most dynamically active and productive areas within the whole Mediterranean (43 49 N 9 07 E). A permanent cyclonic circulation with seasonal and interannual variability triggered by the Tyrrhenian current dominates the area. During the winter, processes of dense water formation often occur. This site has also been monitored for several years in terms of surface atmospheric parameters.


Parameters measured: * available in near real-time

ATMOSPHERIC ( ODAS Italia 1 Buoy). Data in near real-time.

Parameter Depth Sensor Frequency
*Wind speed and direction 12m asl Gill sonic anemometer three hourly (60 min ave)
*Relative humidity 12m asl Vaisala HMP45 three hourly (60 min ave)
*Air temperature 12 m asl Vaisala HMP46 three hourly (60 min ave)
*Atmospheric pressure 8m asl Vaisala PTB three hourly (60 min ave)
*Short Wave Radiation 12m asl EPPLEY PSP three hourly (60 min ave)
*Long Wave Radiation 12m asl EPPLEY PYR three hourly (60 min ave)
*Rainfall 12m asl Vaisala WXT520 three hourly (60 min ave)

OCEAN: NB. Sub-surface mooring awaiting redeployment in 2011.

Parameter Depth Sensor Frequency
*Sea temperature 1(subsurface),6,12,20,28,36m Seabird SBE39,Seabird Microcat,Seabird SBE39,Seabird Microcat,Seabird SBE16 3 hrs (4 sec ave)
Salinity 6,20,36m Seabird MicrocatSeabird Microcat,Seabird SBE 16 3 hrs (4 sec ave)
Chlorophyll 36m WETlabs (FLNTUS) 3 hrs
Dissolved Oxygen 36m Seabird 43 3 hrs
Temperature 135,235,350,550,950 Seabird Microcat,Seabird SBE39,RBR XR420,Seabird Microcat,Seabird Microcat 1 hr hourly (4 sec ave)
Salinity 135,350,550,951 Seabird Microcat,RBR XR420,Seabird Microcat,Seabird Microcat 1 hr hourly (4 sec ave)



Enhancement/Modifications planned within EuroSITES:

Continuation:Water column physics, biogeochemistry
Enhancement: Nitrate and pCO2 trialed during EuroSITES. Latest deployment was on 28th October 2010.

Parameter Depth Sensor Frequency
pCO2 6m ProOceanus PSI-pro 3 hrs
Nitrate 36m MicroLAB 6 hrs



Principal Investigator: Dr. Roberto Bozzano, CNR-ISSIA, Genova, Italy
Scientists involved: Dr. Sara Pensieri, CNR-ISSIA, Genova, Italy
Data manager: Maureen Pagnani (

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EuroSITES is a FP7 Collaborative Project coordinated by the
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

Call FP7-ENV-2007-1, grant agreement N 202955
Sub-Activity 6.4.1. Earth Observation; Monitoring the ocean interior, seafloor, and subseafloor

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