Fixed-Point Open Ocean Observatories, a European FP7 Infrastructure Project, started in September 2013
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Poseidon E1-M3A   

The data are now being processed daily. Some of the data being collected are shown on this web site. Further data will be added shortly.
A dedicated HCMR website showing all the latest information is availble HERE

Data collected in 2011 so far from this observatory are available at the OceanSITES FTP site. To download Click HERE

The graphs below were plotted from the dataset
The last data point was recorded on Thursday, 03-Nov-2011 21:00:00 utc

Sea Temperature

Graph of Sea Temperature


Graph of Salinity

Dry Bulb Temperature

Graph of Dry Bulb Temperature

Wind Speed

Graph of Average Wind Speed


If you use EuroSITES data in publications please acknowledge the EuroSITES Project . Also, we would appreciate receiving a preprint and/or reprint of publications utilizing these data for inclusion in the EuroSITES bibliography. These publications should be sent to:
  EuroSITES Data Manager
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Waterfront Campus, European Way
Southampton SO14 3ZH


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EuroSITES is a FP7 Collaborative Project coordinated by the
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

Call FP7-ENV-2007-1, grant agreement N 202955
Sub-Activity 6.4.1. Earth Observation; Monitoring the ocean interior, seafloor, and subseafloor

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