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Poseidon E1-M3A

Latitude and Longitude: 35.66N, 24.99E
Depth: 1440m
Oceanographic Region: Aegean/ Cretan Sea, Mediterranean

History of the Site:

Operated since January 2000 this is an extremely oligotrophic area where dense waters with intermediate and deep characteristics are formed. In 2007 an ocean time-series was added which has been evolved during the EuroSITES programme.

Parameters measured:

Atmospheric: Poseidon buoy

Parameter Depth Sensor Frequency
Since 2000:      
Wind speed/dir surface buoy Young 04106-19, JR MA 3hrs
Air pressure surface buoy Vaisala PTB 220A 3hrs
Wave height surface buoy Fugro OCEANOR Wavesense 3hrs
Temperature surface buoy Omega 3hrs
Since 2007:      
Pyranometer PSP surface buoy Eppley EPLAB PSP 3hrs
Radiometer PIR surface buoy Eppley EPLAB PIR 3hrs
Relative humidity surface buoy Vaisala HMP45A 3hrs
Precipitation surface buoy Young 3hrs
Radiance surface buoy Satlantic OCR-507-R10W 3hrs
Irradiance surface buoy Satlantic OCR-507-RICSW 3hrs

Ocean: Since 2007

Parameter Depths measured (m) Sensor Frequency

Temperature Surface, 20,50,75,100,250,400,600m Aanderaa 3919A/Seabird 16plus-IMP C-T/Seabird 37 IM C-T 3hrs
Salinity Surface, 20,50,75,100,250,400,600m Aanderaa 3919A/Seabird 16plus-IMP C-T/Seabird 37 IM C-T 3hrs
Chl-a 20,50,75,100m Wetlabs FLNTUS-RT 3hrs
Dissolved Oxygen 20,50,75,100m SBE43/AanderaaOptode 3hrs
Currents 5-50, 10bins of 5m Nortek Aquadopp 400KHZ 3hrs
Dissolved Carbon Dioxide (IR absorbance after equilibration) surface (NB. currently awaiting redeployment in early 2011) CO2-CONTROS 3hrs
PAR 20,50,75,100m LiCor LI-193 3hrs
Pressure 250m Seabird 37 IM C-T 3hrs
Turbidity 20,50,75,100m Wetlabs FLNTUS-RT 3hrs

NB. Currently near real-time data is only available from surface to 100m


Enhancement/Modifications planned within EuroSITES:

Continuation: Water column physics and biogeochemistry
Enhancement: Carbon Dioxide


Principal Investigator: Dr. Kostas Nittis, HCMR, Athens, Greece and Dr. George Petihakis, HCMR, Crete
Data managers: Dionysis Ballas (chlorophyll + overall systems maintenance), George Petihakis (nutrients)

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EuroSITES is a FP7 Collaborative Project coordinated by the
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

Call FP7-ENV-2007-1, grant agreement N 202955
Sub-Activity 6.4.1. Earth Observation; Monitoring the ocean interior, seafloor, and subseafloor

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