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Central Irminger Sea (CIS)

Latitude and Longitude: 59.7N, -39.7W
Depth: 2800m
Oceanographic Region: Irminger Sea, North Atlantic

News: The CIS site was last serviced in July 2010. The next maintenance cruise will be summer 2011.


Parameters measured:

Full-depth mooring sending datasets in near real-time since 2002 (optode added in 2008). No atmospheric datasets.

NB. all data are in near real-time (except pCO2 since July 2010)

Parameter Depths measured (m) Sensor Frequency

Temperature 10, 30,45,75,115,160,200,250,375,550,750,1000, 1250 1500, 2000 SeaBird SBE 37, RCM-8 20 min
Salinity 10, 30,45,75,115,160,200,250,375,550,750,1000, 1250 1500 SeaBird SBE 37 20 min
Chl-a (+ turbidity) 45 WETLabs FLNTUSB 1 hour
Nitrate 45 NAS 3X (wet chemistry) 2 hour
Dissolved Carbon Dioxide 45 Sunburst SAMI 2 hour
Dissolved Oxygen 45 Optode 3830 1 hour
Currents 40-150m every 4m, 1000m, 2000m RDI Teledyne 300 kHz, RCM8 (1000,2000m) 1 hour

Enhancement/Modifications planned within EuroSITES:

Continuation: real-time and delayed-mode data on PCO2, Chlorophyll, nutrients and water column physics. Develop links with the US OOI station planned for this site.

Enhancement: Oxygen optode added in 2008

Maintenance cruises: Annual research cruise to the site



Principal Investigator: Johannes Karstensen

Further information:


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EuroSITES is a FP7 Collaborative Project coordinated by the
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

Call FP7-ENV-2007-1, grant agreement N 202955
Sub-Activity 6.4.1. Earth Observation; Monitoring the ocean interior, seafloor, and subseafloor

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