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Latitude and Longitude: 42.8N 6.17E
Depth: 2475m
Oceanographic Region: NW Mediterranean



News: The ANTARES instrumented line (IL07) has been connected to a sea-cable since December 2007. Since September 2010 there has been a problem of connection of one line but a maintainance is planned in October 2010


History of the Site:

The ANTARES (Astronomy with a Neutrino Telescope and Abyss environmental RESearch) Collaboration is constructing a large area water Cherenkov detector in the deep Mediterranean Sea, optimised for the detection of muons from high-energy astrophysical neutrinos.
ANTARES is constructing and deploying a detector with a surface area of 0.1 km2, a first step toward a kilometric scale detector. Up to date 10 lines are deployed and connected to the Junction Box, which relays data and power transmissions to a shore station in La Seyne-sur-Mer (France) via an electro-optical cable. The telescope will be completed in 2008 with the connection of the last 2 lines.
The ANTARES detector also includes an instrumentation line (IL07) dedicated to pluridisciplinarity (concerning oceanography, biology or seismology). Connected in 2007, the IL07 is equipped with CTD probes (Sea-Bird SBE37SMP), ADCP current profilers, an Aanderaa oxygen optode, a sound velocimeter, CSTAR light transmissiometers, 2 video-monitoring cameras (for bioluminescent organisms) and acoustic sensors.
The In situ oxygen Dynamics Autosampler (IODA6000 v3.0) will be deployed in 2008 on the ANTARES Line 12.

Parameters measured:

Temperature, salinity, Pressure, Sv, Oxygen Concentration, Oxygen Consumption, Water Current, Light Transmission

Parameter Depth Sensor Frequency
Temperature fixed frame at 2300m, 2200m Seabird Microcat 6min, 45min
Salinity fixed frame at 2300m, 2200m Seabird Microcat 6min, 45min
Dissolved Oxygen fixed frame at 2300m, 2000m optode Aanderaa (3830) 5 min
Currents fixed frame at 2400m, 2200m ADCP RDI 1 min

Enhancement/Modifications planned within EuroSITES:

Enhancement: IODA6000 to measure Oxygen consumption in the deep-waters.

Parameter Depth Sensor Frequency
oxygen consumption 2000m IODA6000 3 min

NB. The IODA6000 has also been trialed in the North Atlantic at the PAP site.



Principal Investigator: For ANTARES in EuroSITES: Christian Tamburini (
For ANTARES: John Carr ( Link to websites:

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EuroSITES is a FP7 Collaborative Project coordinated by the
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

Call FP7-ENV-2007-1, grant agreement N 202955
Sub-Activity 6.4.1. Earth Observation; Monitoring the ocean interior, seafloor, and subseafloor

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